Do You Want To Be My Friend?

Today we will begin to work on our class movie based on the book Do You Want To Be My Friend? by Eric Carle. Each student will be either the mouse or one of the animals.

  • Read the book in class then decide how the animals might answer the mouse if they could talk.
  • Mice-Practice your line, then we will use the green screen to shoot you saying your part. Ms. Mellman will make mouse ears for us.
  • Animals- Practice your part, then we will use YakitKids to make the animals talk.
  • We will then use the Green Screen app to put it all together.
  • Finally, we will bring it into iMovie to add music and sound effect



Field Trip Movie

Let’s make a movie based on your field trip to Ward’s Berry Farm! Today we will use the app Drawing Pad to create a picture of something you learned about at the farm. We will put all the pictures in the app Explain Everything and record our voices describing our picture. Finally we will turn all our slides into a movie for all to enjoy.