Book Genre Graph

Today you will graph, in Excel, the results of the class survey on favorite book genres. You will learn how to enter the data and format the spreadsheet. You will also learn how to generate a total using a function. Finally we will examine how to create and format the graph.


Excel Reaction Time Graph

Today you will take your Everyday Math data from the Grab-It Gauge Reaction Time experiment and put the results into an Excel worksheet. You will learn how to format the cells in the spreadsheet changing size, number type, and borders. Next create a bar graph from the data, formatting the titles, and legend. Remove the plot area of the graph and change the color of the bars.


Weather Around The World

Today you will use Google Earth to travel the globe in search of weather information for the five different cities below, plus one additional city of your choice. Record the information while you are retrieving it on the Excel spreadsheet template. Use the F3 key to toggle between windows. After all the information is collected, you will learn how to create a bar graph of the temperatures of the cities.