Explorer Smashup

We will begin our explorer projects using the iPads. Use the Explorer Wiki Resources to help you.
1. Research your explorer and include the following information:

a. Why he explored
b. Who sponsored him
c. Where he traveled
d. How did he treat the Native people
e. What was accomplishments

2. Write the script and the bibliography.

3. Gather public domain images or creative common images for your script and save to the Camera Roll.

We will Use Explain Everything for your bibliography, Drawing Pad to create a green screen, Tellagami for your avatar speaking your script, and Green Screen to put your images and avatar together. See my sample below.

Field Trip Movie

Let’s make a movie based on your field trip to Ward’s Berry Farm! Today we will use the app Drawing Pad to create a picture of something you learned about at the farm. We will put all the pictures in the app Explain Everything and record our voices describing our picture. Finally we will turn all our slides into a movie for all to enjoy.