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National Symbol Project

You’ve done the research on a national symbol, and now it is time to create a project that will be displayed at the state fair. Use the iPads and Pic Collage to gather pictures of your symbol, a map to show where it is located and pictures of the creators (if relevant). See the example below.

St Louis Arch-PicCollage

National Symbol Research

Today you will spend some time researching the national symbol you chose to learn about. Use the websites below to gather information.
United States of America Symbols
Symbols of the US Government
Symbols of the United States
Heights Library for PebbleGo and Britannica


PARCC Tutorial

Today you will review a PARCC tutorial. Click the link below.


PARCC ELA Practice Test

Today you will take the Grade 3 ELA practice test. Click the link below to get to the test.

Grade 3 ELA Practice Test

Hour of Code

This week you will participate in the Hour of Code. You will work with Mrs. Drew, the librarian, and myself to learn the basics of coding by using Scratch, Jr. on the iPads and the activities designed for the Hour of Code.


Paper Circuits

You will learn how to create a simple and parallel circuit and a circuit with a switch on paper using copper tape, a coin battery, and an LED light.

paper circuit

PARCC Scavenger Hunt

We will explore how to navigate the new PARCC assessment that you will be taking this year. Use the link below to go to the sample tests. Explore the navigation features and then use the scavenger hunt sheet to answer the questions.

PARCC Sample Questions


Introduction to Google Drive

Today we will learn how to use your sharonschools.net Google account. We will review the terms of use. Next we will set up your shared folders in your drive account, so that you will be sharing all your work with your teacher. We will also upload a file from your network save so that you can work at home on it.

Strong Passwords

Today we will learn about how to create a strong password for your accounts. After some discussion at the whiteboard, you will log into your Google account and change your password to the one generated by the random password generator below.


i-Ready Testing

You will be using the computer lab or laptops to take the i-Ready tests in reading and math. Click the picture below for a link to the i-Ready login page.


Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the Computer Lab. Today we will assign seats, review the rules of the lab, make sure everyone can log in, organize past documents, review the dock, the Heights Technology Blog, and log into i-Ready to make sure it is working correctly.