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Strong Passwords

Today we will learn about how to create a strong password for your accounts. After some discussion at the whiteboard, you will log into your Google account and change your password to the one generated by the random password generator below.


State Fair Slide

Today you will use Powerpoint to create a slide of the state that you have researched. All of the slides will be put together into a class slideshow that will run at the State Fair.

i-Ready Testing

We will spend the next two computer periods completing the i-Ready Math and Reading tests.

Wonder Character Traits

Today you will use KidPix to create a simple drawing of one of the characters in the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio. After you save your picture as a jpg., upload it to Tagxedo and create the word cloud with the character traits that your chosen character possesses.

Wonder Tagzedo


Today we will use Google Drive to create a document in your ELA folder. Include a definition of bravery, a list of brave acts, and a sentence or two about a personal act of bravery.


Today we will use the iPads and the app Drawing Pad to draw a cross-section of a volcano. Label the different parts of the volcano and save to the camera roll. Upload your picture to Google Drive. You will use your picture in a paragraph in which you will write about the different types of volcanoes.


National Symbol Glog

Today you will create a glog, with Glogsteredu with the results of your research on a national symbol. Collect pictures from the websites below.
Wikimedia Commons

National Symbol Research

Today you will spend some time researching the national symbol you chose to learn about. Use the websites below to gather information.

United States of America Symbols
Symbols of the US Government
Symbols of the United States


Hour of Code

This week, December 9th through December 13, is Computer Science Education week. To celebrate we will spend our tech period learning the basics of computer coding. Learn from the experts, like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, at the Hour of Code website. Click the picture below to take you there.


Introduction to Google Drive

Today we will learn how to use your sharonschools.net Google account. We will review the terms of use. Next we will set up your shared folders in your drive account, so that you will be sharing all your work with your teacher. We will also upload a file from your network save so that you can work at home on it.

Boost Your Keyboarding Skills

today we will learn how to use the software Type to Learn 4. You will be able to use the program at home to practice your keyboarding skills, too.


Wonder Precepts

Today we will review the formatting features in Mcrosoft Word. You will choose a precept from the book Wonder, explain what it means, and write about how you live it or someone you know lives it.


Explode a Word

Let’s look for synonyms for commonly used words like “good” and “said” to make our writing more descriptive and interesting. After discovering 10 synonyms, we will draw the word in Drawing Pad, then import it into WordPhoto. We will type in our ten alternate words to form a lovely word cloud.


A Complete Circuit

You have a battery, copper wire, and a light bulb. Can you make a complete circuit? Use Kid Pix to draw the parts of a light bulb and then arrange a wire (or two) and a battery to illustrate a complete circuit. Label the parts of the bulb, the components of the circuit, and the critical contact points.


Visit the site below for interactive activities about electricity.

Circuits and Conductors

Changing Circuits

Responsible Use Policy

Today we will spend some time reviewing Sharon Public School’s Responsible Use Policy and discussing internet safety, cyberbullying, and copyright rules. After some work at the IWB we will return to our seats to watch two Brainpop movies and take the associated quiz. Click the pictures below to get to the movies.




Ellis Island Tour

Using the iPads, you will learn about Ellis Island, the place where over 12 million immigrants passed through in search of a better life. The Interactive Ellis Island Tour is rich in audio files and photographs. Use the document Ellis Island Tour to take notes while you read each web page carefully and click on the audio and photo links. Click on the picture of the Statue of Liberty to take you to the website. If you are done early watch the Brainpop movie on immigration and take the graded quiz.

i-Ready Testing

We will spend the next two computer periods completing the i-Ready Math and Reading tests.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the Computer Lab. Today we will assign seats, review the rules of the lab, make sure everyone can log in, review the dock, the Heights Technology Blog, and log into i-Ready to make sure it is working correctly. If time allows we will begin to explore the new RUA policy.